Browse The Internet From Your VPS

A lot of people ask this simple question and there’s about 3 easy options. The first one is a SOCKS proxy via the SSH command. This is executed through the following command:
ssh -ND (port) ([email protected]/subdomain)

For example:
ssh -ND 8080 [email protected]

This would make SSH make a connection to [email protected], if a password was accepted, and a SOCKS connection to listen on 8080/tcp.

If the password was accepted, you can open up Mozilla Firefox and access the Edit -> Preferences area. Click on the Network tab then Settings. Enable “Manual proxy configuration”.

SOCKS host: localhost
Port: 8080

To verify, go to MyIP.dk to see if your IP address on MyIP.dk is the same as your VPS IP address.

Another way is to install a VNC server on the virtual private server and to connect in with the VNC protocol to access the virtual private server like a desktop computer. I will write up a tutorial about how to do this at a later date!