Installing Softaculous in cPanel

This is very, very simple but the trick is, one part is always missed by the individual setting up this one click web application installer that it will drive you nuts.

Softaculous is the one-click web application installer I am talking about.

It is very inexpensive for a monthly or yearly license, which allows cPanel users to install web applications. For you, it greatly reduces the burden and load of inexperienced shared web hosting users contacting you for simple web application support. The user finds the Softaculous section on their user account, clicks the Category or name of the web application and fills out some very simple information.

The great part – Softaculous downloads and installs the latest version of the web application so these shared web hosting users stop getting hacked!

Softaculous also reminds them of updates which is great for security.

With this being said, let’s talk about installation but first you must purchase a license from your hosting provider or a third party license provider. LicensePal is a great third party licensing company.


wget -N http://files.softaculous.com/install.sh
chmod 755 install.sh

This is successful if you have your VPS IP address licensed for the installation.

The download of the latest web applications can take some time, much like installing cPanel so you can do something else like configure your cPanel server some more or even go out to grab an hour lunch like during a cPanel installation.

These two servers, s2.softaculous.com and s4.softaculous.com, have to be permitted to go through your firewall if you are running a firewall restrictive environment.

Configuring WHM
This is the part people miss the most.

Softaculous is IonCube encoded, which is not enabled by default

Server Configuration -> Tweak Settings -> PHP

That’s all you needed to do to enable Softaculous to work with WHM.

The sheer inexpensiveness of a license is insane for the amount of time this saves. I have a few WHM/cPanel servers and all of them have Softaculous licenses on every single one of them because I don’t feel like installing WordPress manually all the time, for a customer to install an ecommerce web application so they start their at home online business as quickly and easily as possible, and other instances where it’s amazing how much this license is so cheap but does so much to help you out.