How To Stream MP4 Video Files From My VPS

This is a really good question and was actually the subject of a support ticket. I scratched my own head for a second and realized the solution was much easier than I thought.

What you need:

  • A virtual private server running Windows or Linux
  • A web server such as Apache, IIS, nginx, Lighttpd, etc.
  • Enough disk space for the operating system and video files
  • Enough bandwidth for your video files

Step One:
Install the operating system

This is relatively easy and I have to assume everyone has done this as there is nothing specific or special you need to install on your operating system except make sure it connects online.

Step Two:
Install the web server

For Apache, it’s relatively easy with most Linux operating systems.

Apache download pageApache for Windows
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How To Generate Random Passwords

This is a common question a lot of people are afraid to ask.

The easiest way I have found is through a utility called apg or automatic password generator. It’s available on most Debian and Ubuntu based operating systems by typing apt-get install apg -y and it will install for you.

If you have CentOS, you need to enable RPM Forge’s repositories.

rpm --import http://apt.sw.be/RPM-GPG-KEY.dag.txt

CentOS 6 – 32 bit, download here.
CentOS 6 – 64 bit, download here.

CentOS 5 – 32 bit, download here.
CentOS 5 – 64 bit, download here.

You install your appropriate package with rpm -i rpmforge-release-*.rpm

Once installed, yum install apg should install apg for you as apg is maintained by RPM Forge.

When you want to create a random password, you type in apg into the Terminal screen of your computer or your SSH client into your server.

# apg

Please enter some random data (only first 8 are significant)
(eg. your old password):>
Cabnobaj9 (Cab-nob-aj-NINE)
Omodand2 (Om-od-and-TWO)
erlErrorl4 (erl-Err-orl-FOUR)
Tedd8Knil (Tedd-EIGHT-Knil)
nebViObobs1 (neb-Vi-Ob-obs-ONE)
WoossOnyax7 (Wooss-On-yax-SEVEN)

I just type in random keyboard gibberish when they prompt me for random data.

For maximum password security, I would normally combine two passwords together such as Cabnobaj9Omodand2, Omodand2erlErrorl4, or nebViObobs1WoossOnyax7.


Tutorial: How To Install NGINX On CentOS VPS

Just like our how to install NGINX on Debian VPS tutorial, installing on CentOS is just as easy.

First, we create /etc/yum.repos.d/nginx.repo and put in the following:

name=nginx repo

Next, we update our yum repos with yum update and install nginx with yum install nginx

Our nginx webserver is serving up files from /usr/share/nginx/html

A common problem is if your VPS has IPv6 that nginx will have issues. You resolve this by compiling nginx from source and enabling IPv6 support. Nginx packages, both Debian and CentOS in my experience, act funny and cause headache when IPv6 is not enabled even if you use it or not.