How To Stream MP4 Video Files From My VPS

This is a really good question and was actually the subject of a support ticket. I scratched my own head for a second and realized the solution was much easier than I thought.

What you need:

  • A virtual private server running Windows or Linux
  • A web server such as Apache, IIS, nginx, Lighttpd, etc.
  • Enough disk space for the operating system and video files
  • Enough bandwidth for your video files

Step One:
Install the operating system

This is relatively easy and I have to assume everyone has done this as there is nothing specific or special you need to install on your operating system except make sure it connects online.

Step Two:
Install the web server

For Apache, it’s relatively easy with most Linux operating systems.

Apache download pageApache for Windows
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How to Install PV on HVM (GPLPV) Drivers for Windows Server 2008 Systems

The GPLPV package is a driver for Microsoft Windows, which allows Windows systems virtualised with Xen (such as VPS6.NET’s) access to the network and block drivers of the Xen dom0. These drivers provide a significant performance and reliability gain over the standard devices emulated by Xen, and are recommended for anyone using our Windows VPS service.

Installation of the package is simple, and has no known compatibility issues with any our systems.

Your system should now experience enhanced network and disk speeds!

This article is also available in the VPS6.NET Knowledgebase: https://vps6.net/my/knowledgebase/68/How-to-Install-GPLPV-PV-on-HVM-Drivers-on-Windows-Server-2008-Systems.html