solusvm xen – guestvm missing network device

i got a client whom the guest vm (running on centos 7) has missing network device for eth*

[CODE][[email protected] ~]# cat /proc/net/dev
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Mobile Websites: Are They a Fad or Should Businesses Invest in Them

Mobile websites represent a trend in internet access which is fueled by the rising speed of wireless internet access and the increasing capabilities of smart phones. For any business or organization, the purpose of a mobile website is to provide fast facts to customers on the go. This information allows customers to quickly find your products or services, contact your company, and find your physical locations in their area. The future of the mobile web is bright and a mobile website is an integral part of any business creating a presence online. 

Why do you need a Mobile Website?

Currently, the purpose of mobile websites is to share pertinent information about your business or organization and its products or services. This needs to be done using whatever internet connection is available and within the hardware restrictions of the device browsing the web. This is where goMobi excels because it creates a basic, yet professional and highly customizable, mobile website. Your customers will be able to find basic information about your business or organization, the address, phone number, a map with GPS guided directions, videos, products, business reviews, social media connections, images, form, and many other features can be included on the site. You can even include a link to the full version of your site for customers with high-speed internet access and tablets with larger screens.

Fast Facts

When most people visit a mobile website they are looking for fast facts. They want to know where your business is located, what products and services you offer, and how to contact you. This is because they may be using a mobile data plan with some restrictions and they are typically using a device with a relatively small screen. These devices are not designed for full-featured website and typically cannot take advantage of the more sophisticated code found on websites designed for desktop computers. Also, the user of a mobile website will commonly follow a QR code to find the site and may us a GPS navigation system built into their device to find your nearest location. Your mobile website should take advantage of all of these features, and goMobi does just that.

Fad or Trend

The International Advertising Bureau has found that 61% of customers who visit a website that isnt mobile-friendly will leave the site to visit a competitor.” This fact alone makes the cost of setting up a mobile website seem minuscule. However it’s important to see the broader picture of the mobile web to make an informed decision about setting up a mobile website for your business. The advances made with smart phones have ensured that future generations will grow up with computers and the internet in their pocket and at their finger tips. The mobile web is far from a fad and it represents a larger trend in ubiquitous computing and internet saturation.

Future of the Mobile Web

By the end of 2012, projections suggest there will be more internet-connected mobile devices than people. Additionally, mobile devices will provide access to more than half of the worlds internet users by 2015. Some of these devices will have the high-speed internet connection, unlimited data plans, large screens, and processing power needed to display full-featured websites. However, the majority will still require mobile versions of these websites for some time. This means that investing in a mobile website now will payoff for years to come. Additionally, having a full-featured website and a mobile website ensures your business will not be turning away any customers simply due to the device they use to connect to the web.

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